December Week 2 Recap/12/17/2013 Daily Training

I’ll be getting back to daily posts again today. Things have finally settled a little bit, just in time for the upcoming holidays. Training has been going pretty good. I hit 115kg powerclean last week, 100kg snatch balance, and 130kg full clean. Finally able to do split jerks again, and just did some doubles with 90kg. Video below has some of those highlights, including a missed 100kg snatch balance from yesterday. I was planning on going up another 10kg, but was just feeling off. That was probably from eating copious amounts of junk food over the weekend (including a heavy dose of macaroni and cheese…not exactly the best meal for someone who is lactose sensitive.)

Here’s the video highlights from last week, and below that today’s workout





Hang Snatch: 50(2×3), 60×2, 70×1, 80×1, 85×1, 70(2×2)

Power Clean: 50×3, 70×3, 90×1, 100×1, 110×1, 120×1, 100×1

Snatch Pulls: 100(5×3)

Pull-Ups: 3×5 w/purple MDUSA band

Pendlay Row: 90(3×5)

Hypers: 3×10

I actually superset the pull-ups and hypers to save time. I’ve been trying to keep the volume a little lower this week, and the intensity a bit higher, working up to “Daily maxes.” The crap nutrition is definitely slowing me down. The 120 powerclean didn’t feel great, but I feel like I have more in me. My goal for power cleans right now is 140, with 160 for a full clean.

My snatch couldn’t feel any worse at the moment. Warm-ups felt great, but once I got passed 70kg I just fell apart. 85kg felt like a mountain of weight (lol what?!). I was thinking 100ish for a hang snatch today, so needless to say I was disappointed. I totally lost my focus and missed a rep at 70kilos! That’s embarrassing. Part of the game though I suppose…Check back later for the video.

Update: Video


Daily Training 11/26/13

First time doing any type of clean in a while. Wanted to work on my speed under the bar since that’s always been an issue for me. I had planned on going up to 88, but decided against it while warming up. I probably could have done it, but I wanted to make sure the quality of the work was there. I started out strong, but my technique began to get worse and worse throughout the five sets, nearly killing myself on the last set of the last rep (as you can see in the video).

I also programmed squat jerks for myself for some strange reason (even though I’m a split jerker). Again I went lighter than I had originally planned, doing 4×5 at 60kg, and then upping it for the last set to 80kg. I have certainly lost some flexibility in my back, from not training, but other than it felt pretty good.

I did super sets with my Pendlay rows and my hypers, and I accidentalyl did 85kg on my first set of rows, instead of the prescribed 75kg (which was a 5kg increase from last week).

High Hang Clean: 80kg(5×3)
Squat Jerk: 60kg(4×3), 80kg(1×3)
Snatch Pulls: 92kg(5×3)
Pull-Ups: 3×5
Pendlay Row: 85kg(1×5), 75kg(2×5)
Hyper Ext: 15kg(3×10)

Daily Training 11/26/13

Upped the intensity this week from 60% to 70% and added in some snatch variations

Snatch balance: 71kg(2×2), 77kg(1×2), 82kg(1×2)
High Hang Snatch: 60kg(5×3)
Front Squat: 120kg(3×5)
Military Press: 62kg(3×5)
Bench Press: 195lbs(3×5)
Roll-Outs: 3×10

Workout felt good. I’m sore as hell today (Tuesday), but I’ve got plenty of lifting to do. Check back later for today’s workout.

Daily Training 11/21/13

Training sucked today. I didn’t want to get out of bed, and my body was exhausted. When I got home last night, I felt bad about skipping my cardio so I did my 20/20 on the rower/bike. I did 3,666 meters on the rower (slow) and 5.2 miles on the bike.

This morning’s workout was a snails pace. As you can see in the video it’s about 6 minutes of work (I forgot to film two sets of bench press) and the workout took me about an hour and a half, which is unacceptable. I was so slow that I didn’t leave myself enough time to do my 10 minutes on the bike, because I had to make some lunch before work.

On my 2nd set of squats I felt something pop at the bottom of my 2nd rep. I think I was leaning forward a little to much and I pulled a muscle in my abs, probably an intercostal. I didn’t stop me from doing anything, but now that I’m cooled down and writing this, it hurts worse. It’s tender to the touch and is painful when I contract my abs. The pain isn’t too bad, but I have a feeling it will get worse tomorrow.

I hope I won’t have to modify my workout tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to next week, when I actually get into some good intensity zones (70%), and I’ll start working in more Olympic Weightlifting variations.

I’ve also come to realize that I really suck at taking pictures of my food. I had oatmeal for breakfast again, followed by a PWO shake, and then a ham and cheese egg scramble with a side of asparagus for lunch. Later on I had some grilled chicken, and I’m planning on having coconut crusted cod for dinner.

2013-11-21 11.37.16

2013-11-21 11.45.42

2013-11-21 12.44.31

In other news, I bought some more plates for the home gym. There weren’t quite enough!
2013-11-21 11.45.42

2013-11-21 11.37.16

Daily Training 11/19/13

Today was a pull day

Deadlifts 144kg(317lbs)(3×5)

Pull-Ups (3×5)

Pendlay Rows 70kg(154lbs)(3×5)

Hypers 25lbs(11kg)(3×10)

Side Bends 20kg(44lbs)(3×8)

Indoor Rower 10minutes (1,838meters)

Food (will update throughout the day)


-SFH Protein shake with whole milk, and 1 banana

2013-11-19 11.39.03

-4 eggs, 5 bacons, 1 zucchini

2013-11-19 13.44.52



2013-11-19 20.43.23