Daily Training 2/17/17

Trying to get more aggressive with the weights on deadlifts. My target weight for today was 170 with drop downs, but I decided to stop being a bitch and just break into the 400lb mark.

Airbike: 5 minutes

Deadlift: 20(2×6), 70×5, 100×3, 120×2, 140×1, 160×1, 182×5, 170×5, 160×5

Hamstring Curl Machine: “6”(3×10)

LM Oar Row: 40(3×10)

Cable Lat pulldown: 165lbs(3×8)

BB French Curl: 20(3×10) Paired w/Side Bend 20(3×8)


The deadlifts were hard. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’ll need to be able to pull around 210ish for 5 if I have any hopes of hitting 250 for a single, which is my mid term goal.

Daily Training 1/2/17

First workout of the new year! Not that that means anything.

Airbike: 5 min

BTN Jerk: 20(2×3), 40×3, 50×2, 60×2, 70×1, 80(4×3). Had some decent reps in there, but 80 felt heavy toward the end and it got sloppy. This was a 10kg increase from last week, so I’ll bring it down to 5kg increase on the next workout.

LM Lumberjack Squat: 55(4×10). These had my heart pounding.

BB Military Press: 30(3×12), 30×9, 30×3. 43kg was my target weight for the first two weeks, and for two weeks I’ve failed to make all my sets and reps at that weight. Given that I’m fighting a shoulder impingement, I decided to go very light, and at least make all my reps. Only problem is, even with only 30kg I couldn’t make all my damn reps! Failed on my last set and had to break it up. Sucks. Shoulder still hurt too.

DB Lateral Shoulder Raise/Cable Tricep Pushdown bilateral: 15lb(4×10)/55lb(4×10). Shoulder raises felt easy, triceps were challening.

Been skipping my abs and tabata since both my hernia, and heart palpitations have been bothering me.

Thanks again to Arkitect Fitness for being the #bestgyminnh