Daily Training: 8/9/17

DB Seated OHP: 25.5lbsx10, 35lbsx10, 40lbsx10, 45lbsx10,50lbsx10, 55lbsx10, 60lbsx5

LM Split Press Contralateral: 25×12, 25×10, 25×8, 25×6, 25×4, 25×2

DB Lateral Shoulder Raise: 22.5lb(4×10)

Cable Tricep Pushdown Bilateral: 70lbsx10, 60lbs(3×10)

Band HK Paloff Overhead Press: 20lbs(3×10)

Tabata: Airdyne

Daily Training 2/15/17

Massage earlier in the day had me feeling like a wet noodle.


Airbike: 5 minutes

Snatch Balance: 20(2×5), 50×2, 65×2, 75×1, 85×1, 92×1, 97×1, 100×1, 103xX, 103×1

Front Squat: 70(3×5)

KB HK Overhead Press Contralateral: 16(3×8)

Hollow Rock: 3×8 paired w/cable tricep pushdown bilateral 65lbs(3×10)

Daily Training 2/12/17

I need to start updating my log again regularly. Training has been going quite well, but I’ve been keeping all my notes on paper rather than here. Need to do both! I hit a Sunday workout yesterday because I didn’t know if I’d be making the trip down to the gym today in the storm, but the weather was actually worse yesterday than it was today.

BTN Jerk: 20(2×5), 60×2, 80×1, 90×1, 100×1, 110(4×1). Felt light, but was slow.

Back Squat: 70×3, 100×3, 120×2, 130×1, 140(3×5). Felt harder than expected, and my mid back is aggravated today.

LM Split Press Contralateral: 35(3×10). Easy.

Band Shoulder External Rotation Contralateral: 5lb(4×10) paired w/Cable Tricep Pushdown Bilateral 60lbs(4×10)

Dynamic Plank: 3×8 paired w/Box Jump 16″(3×8). The box jumps were actually hard. I guess that’s cuz I’m still fat.

Hitting a pulling workout later today.