Daily Training 9/8/16

High Hang Snatch: 20(2×3), 40×3, 45×2, 50×1, 55×1, 60x, 60×1, 65×1.

Back Squat: 60×3, 100×3, 120×3, 135×1, 150(3×3)

Military Press: 20×5, 40×3, 50×1, 60×1, 70×1, 75×1, 80×1, 85×1 (with rebound from push press)

Band Assisted Chin-Up: Purple(3×3)

KB Double Row: 28(3×8)

Daily Training: 7-5-16

First strength training workout in a while. Going light to ease myself back into a good rhythm. Also the first time I’ve squatted in any capacity since having some work done by Dr. Brett Coapland of performance health. What I thought may be a meniscus tear due to an extremely loud clicking, lack of improvement from a cortizone shot and manual treatment from other practitioners, is now almost completely pain free. Workout was as follows:


6-1-6 of

KB Double Front Squat

KB Double Deadlift

KB Double Overhead Press

KB Double Row

60s rest between each set.

The workout started out pretty easy, but I was sucking wind by the time I got back into the 3+ reps on the way back up. Although I had no pain in my knee squatting, I still felt hesitant to squat, and was severely distracted by the click in my leg. I’m constantly telling clients to not worry about clicks and pops, and truly you will drive yourself mad trying to “fix” them, but this click is so strong, and powerful, and has such a mechanical sound to it, it is very unnerving. ┬áIn short, it’s hard to imagine a sound like that isn’t the result of some serious damage occurring within my body.

Everything felt relatively easy. Of course I was only using 12kg kettlebells, making the deadlifts basically an exercise in repetition. That said, I did have a couple of slight twinges of pain/discomfort in my low back and rib area on the left side. These seemed to be associated with deep breathing and hard core bracing in preparation for keeping a neutral spine in the hip hinge, but I wasn’t able to replicate the pain with any regularity throughout the workout. Although I didn’t train with a heart rate monitor, I felt okay throughout my workout and my heart rate did elevate a decent amount. Thankfully when I checked my BP/HR hours later in the day, everything was mostly normal 128/84 (which is just a tick high for me), and a RHR of 84.

Today was difficult as I dealt with a very severe case of heart burn, likely in part to not eating enough prior to my training session, and having some fried food the night before. I’ve been dosing apple cider vinegar throughout the day to try to mitigate the discomfort, a trick that usually works but seems to be falling short on this occasion. I cooked up a 7oz (weighed after cooking) grass fed steak and a whole yam cooked with coconut oil for dinner, and that seems to be sitting better than my other meals throughout the day. I’ll do one more dose of ACV this evening, and hopefully that will be enough to let me sleep through the night.

2016-07-05 20.15.14

Tomorrow I plan to ride my bicycle the usual 7.4 mile route, and return to some type of complex training on Thursday, switching the bilateral to unilateral and vice versa. It will also be good to incorporate some over head pulling, and horiontal pushing…two movements that didn’t get included in today’s “full body workout.” Although I have an idea of what my training should look like the rest of the week, I haven’t actually sat down and written myself a program. A dangerous game I don’t plan on playing for too long, as it’s easy to not train, when no training was planned.

Daily Training- 3/27/14

Lonely one today

Clean+3 Jerks: 80(5×1)

Split Squat: 55(3×5)

Klokov Press: 47(3×10)

Push-Ups: Red Band(2×10) BWx10

Tabata: Airdyne(1.1 miles)

I wasn’t expecting banded push-ups to be as hard as they were, my shoulders were already pretty smoked from the Klokov presses, so making three sets with the band wasn’t going to happen.

Daily Training- 3/24/14

Squat- 130(3×10)

Military Press- 57(3×10)

Bench Press- 85(3×10)

RC Sit-Up- BW(2×10)

Tabata: Airdyne


This workout was a struggle. Thought I was going to pass out on my last set of squats. Barely made all my reps on the military press, and the pace of the tabata was far slower than last week. Nutrition over the last week was very up and down, so I’m looking forward to getting that back on track today.

Daily Training- 3/17/14

Box Jump 28″(3×5)

Back Squat 120(3×10)

Military Press 55(3×10)

Bench Press 80(3×10)

RC Sit-Ups BW(3×10)

Tabata: Airdyne


The box jump was the only thing I didn’t increase on, as I was feeling very stiff and heavy this morning. The back squats were surprisingly easy from a breathing stand point, I didn’t have any heavy breathing until my last set, however, my legs were exhausted only half way through my 2nd set. I plan on keeping with sets of ten on squats until 170-180ish, adding 10kg per week. Should be interesting.

I made all of my reps on military press, but it was nearly a miss on my last few reps of my last set. These are continually difficult despite I’m working right around the 60% range based off of my 91kg 1RM.

Bench press, which has been very easy the last few weeks was a bit more difficult today. Mostly just because my triceps were exhausted from military press, but I did make all my reps without much risk of a miss. My arms feel like lead weight now.