Daily Training 2/17/17

Trying to get more aggressive with the weights on deadlifts. My target weight for today was 170 with drop downs, but I decided to stop being a bitch and just break into the 400lb mark.

Airbike: 5 minutes

Deadlift: 20(2×6), 70×5, 100×3, 120×2, 140×1, 160×1, 182×5, 170×5, 160×5

Hamstring Curl Machine: “6”(3×10)

LM Oar Row: 40(3×10)

Cable Lat pulldown: 165lbs(3×8)

BB French Curl: 20(3×10) Paired w/Side Bend 20(3×8)


The deadlifts were hard. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’ll need to be able to pull around 210ish for 5 if I have any hopes of hitting 250 for a single, which is my mid term goal.

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