Daily Training 7-26-16

Today was the first day I hit a strength training session in about two months, save for the short kettlebell complex I did maybe two weeks ago. It felt really good to lift even though I went relatively light. I’m planning on doing to weeks of low volume before getting into a more serious program. I’m only going to lift twice a week, 1 bilateral day, 1 unialteral day. Full body both sessions.


Back Squat: 20×5, 40×3, 50×3, 60×3, 70(3×3)

RDL: 70(3×5)

BB Bench Press: 20×5, 40×5, 50×5, 60(3×5)

Cable V-Handle Row: 130lbs(3×8)

Military Press: 50(3×5)

Cable Lat Pulldown: 110(3×8)

Macro game has been pretty tight. Was within 10 on everything today. It’s been hard to hit my fats and once I’m back into training full swing, I’ll consider upping my carbs a bit. I’ve been riding my bicycle consistently, and my 24.8 mile ride from Saturday put me up over the 100 mile mark for the season. I know some cyclists do that in a day, but for a guy who literally has zero aerobic capacity, it’s not a bad start. I’m planning on going for a ride tomorrow, and I’m hoping that my legs aren’t too sore. I plan on keeping my knee dominant work extremely light to keep from over training my legs with all the cycling I’ll be doing.

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